Interviews | The Tea According To Toya. [ & Married To Medicine Exclusive!]

Was Toya wrongly portrayed or a true villain? What was the real reason for this seasons drama? Here is a exclusive one-on-one with Married To Medicine‘s Toya Bush-Harris here!

*Editor’s Note Hello audience! I would like to introduce the newest member to the brand!  Miss Toni (with the Tea) is a local radio personality hailing from Maryland who is in love with everything celebrity & everything gossip.  You can catch her Friday mornings on from 10 am-12 pm rocking all your favorite music & spilling tea on your favorite celebrities!  She sat down with Toya Bush-Harris (from the Married To Medicine series) for the exclusive details and behind-the-scenes gossip on all the drama behind season one.  Sit back, relax and get ready to get to know the REAL Toya Bush-Harris.  Mother, doctors wife, philanthropist & (now) reality TV star – we would like to re-introduce you to the truth according to Toya.  Enjoy! -V *

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 7.28.00 PMToya Bush-Harris definitely has been a hot topic of conversation as the premier season of Married to Medicine has gone on. With everything from arguments to friendships, Toya did things her own way and held her own. She sat down with me to discuss her life before reality TV and all of the drama that took place on Married to Medicine in that tell it like it is way of hers that we have all become familiar with through the show.

Before Married to Medicine began airing, Toya was a pharmaceutical rep for some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the country, including Pfizer, and did medical sales in her home state of Michigan. When she moved to Atlanta, she went to college for her Master’s degree in education, and even taught high school for a year and a half. Although she discovered that teaching wasn’t her thing, she continued to educate girls by mentoring them.

She met her husband, Eugene, when she moved to Atlanta through a friend while both were attending a speed dating event. Eugene almost didn’t make the cut, because Toya didn’t like the way he was talking to her friend while they were speed dating at their table. However, Eugene flipped the script and turned on the charm when it was his tun to talk to Toya. After that, it was love. According to Toya, they are not only husband and wife, but friends as well.

Toni(of Over the course of the season, the way they portrayed you and the whole Mariah incident.  It really didn’t give you the opportunity to tell your side.  We all know editing can be a trip.  I want to ask you – What exactly do you feel sparked the whole drama between you and Mariah?

Toya(of Married To Medicine): Honestly, I think.. Well, I have come to realize that a lot of times when you have an individual that is not a true friend.  Like, they were never a true friend and they never had your back, never really saw the good in you.  There is nothing positive that can come out of that situation.  Cause honestly, had she looked at me and said ‘you know what? Toya is a good person.  Toya has tons of friends.  Toya has never had any issues with any of her other friends.  Why would she have an issue with me and my family?’  She would’ve really looked at my situation and got to know me for who I am – then she would’ve never even thought that my husband or myself would’ve been malicious.  I think that a lot of times when you have those situations you have women that are insecure.  You know?  Maybe they haven’t had the best friendships in their life.  Or maybe they haven’t had people that really support and love them.  Therefore, they are.. I don’t know.. They’re really guarded somewhat.  They are in a place where they are quick to say that you are out to get them.   When in reality, you have other things on your plate and they are the last people you are thinking about.  You know, I think that before we even started filming, there was always something there where she had an issue with me.  It could be something as small as ‘Why don’t you have me around you with your other friends?’.  It was like why does it have to be me?  Why couldn’t they just not want to be around you?  It was always something.  I think when we started filming it just heightened things.  You know how they say ‘the cameras turn on and all of a sudden folks go from 0 to 20′.  That was how it went.  She went from being the person who was trying to create a show to one who created drama.  I don’t know if she thought it all the way through or the damage that it could do to anyone.  [..] It’s just ridiculous.Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 1.12.58 AM

Miss Toni ( Yeah, it was definitely shown and delivered that way on the show.  It was even delivered to Mariah that way as well.

Toya (Married To Medicine): Yes!  And people ran with it.  They were talking about the hair scene and it’s like people never thought about it like – where is this scene?  If there was a hair-dressing scene then where was it?

Miss Toni: Right!  I definitely wanted to know.

Toya (Married To Medicine): But wait – where is the actual hair dresser!?  Just give me something to back this up besides your own family.  But it was like okay, people wanted to believe what they wanted to believe.  There is nothing I can do about that.  Even if I go on there and tell the absolute story – people are still gonna believe what they want to believe.  It’s like no one knew that after my husband had complemented her husband in that scene, I had actually called her.  Off-camera.  The next day because I wanted to be private.  I called her and said ‘Hey, I want to talk to you about a conversation I had the other day.’ like in private.  Like ‘Eugene had said something the other day and I’m not sure if that something you wanted on camera.’  And I said it like that not because she had told me it was like a secret because she was never like ‘Oh Toya, don’t you ever say that! Don’t tell anyone.” No.  That was not the case.

Miss Toni:   Oh! ‘Cause she definitely made it seem like you totally violated.

Toya (Married To Medicine): Yeah, NO. That’s why even when I apologized to her it was like if you really genuinely believe that you told me this two and half plus years ago.. Then, you know what?  I am sorry.  I’m sorry because I don’t remember you ever telling me that.  I am almost 100% positive that you didn’t. Even if you did – I am still not going to not tell my husband.  That’s reality.  In reality, that’s the relationship that he and I have.  So, if my husband and I are trying to get to know you and your husband and he asks me a question about your families dynamics.  If he needs an answer, I am not going to not tell him the answer. So, when he made that mistake of saying ‘Aydin is a great guy. He’s a standup guy and he adopted her daughter.’ and blablabla. When I said something to her it was like “Oh you guys plotted this! You plotted this!” and we are like plotted WHAT? Like, what do you mean? The only conclusion we could come to is that in order for her to think of us like that is because they think like that themselves. […] It was like if this is such a big family secret, then why do you keep bringing it up on camera? Why aren’t y’all shutting that down?

Miss Toni: Now, do you feel like at the party, like Quad and Mariah’s mother kinda added fuel to the fire and hyped it up? By Mariah’s mother saying how you didn’t compliment Mariah’s house but you could complement Kari’s. Like, adding things to the drama like that?

Toya (of Married To Medicine): That was ridiculous. Like, just thinking about that now is like, it’s so unbelievable.  I have never been around mothers like that.  Especially because we are all grown.   Mothers just don’t argue with children.  So for her to come up to me and at that point feel like it was okay to be disrespectful or argumentative with me?  I just thought that was really crazy.  Whenever I think something is crazy my facial expressions actually show.  I was sitting there looking at this lady like ..really?  Are you really going to chastise me over this at your daughters event?  But, I didn’t put it past her.  [..] I wasn’t really shocked by anything else at that point.  Especially because everything was going further and further downhill.

Miss Toni: Right. Now, knowing what you know now about how the party transpired and everything. Would you have still attended?

Toya (M2M): No!  That’s whats so crazy about it all.  What people should’ve been saying is ‘Hey Mariah.  If you was so mad at her – then why did you invite her? Why didn’t you call her up and…?

Miss Toni: Yes! We said that on our website too!

Toya (M2M): Exactly. ‘Cause that’s what normal people do! I’m just keeping it real. People are all like ‘dannnggg, she dis-invited her to spookie-ookie‘. Daaaang she dis- invited her to the NoMAD MD.”  It’s like, yeah, that’s what real people do.  I don’t bring you to my home, around my family and my friends, to act a fool!  If I think you are going to act crazy, ignorant or disrespectful- then why would I bring you around my people? […] If it is really true that you are really upset with me, then you should’ve just called and said ‘you can’t come’ or “I would rather you not come for a,b and c reasons.”.  I am pretty sure that everyone can see that I am that kind of person that would not have shown up.  I would’ve gladly stayed at home.

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 1.17.47 AM
Miss Toni: Now, one good thing that has come from that fight is that you can see you and Kari have actually become much closer. At the beginning of the season, you could see you guys were cordial but I wouldn’t have exactly called you friends. Since the filming ended, are you guys still that close?

Toya (M2M): Yes. We talk every day actually. Me, Simone and Jackie – all of us we talk to each other quite a bit. You’re right. All of this did make us much closer. I think in those situations it made Kari and everybody else see what we were dealing with. No one likes the unknown.

Miss Toni: Right. Now, we saw in a preview that Quad has some kind of underlined issue with you still. Was there any beef or drama that y’all among each other pre-filming? Do you think it was something you did before filming started or do you think that she is kinda riding on Mariah’s dislike for you?

Toya (M2M): Girl. I have always called her (Quad) a puppet because I have never seen her have a voice or an argument that was strong enough to really hold. With all this animosity that she seems to have, it’s almost crazy. They were just like ‘Toya. Do you wanna reach out to Quad? Do you wanna sit down with her and make amends?” I was like really, I don’t see where I have hurt this child but hey. If it really hurt her that I didn’t come to her wedding then sure. I will reach out to her and I will listen. […] It was like nothing she said had any real validity to it. The last couple of weeks is like, you’ll see. [..]

Miss Toni: Speaking of being cool, does Eugene and the other husbands get along still? Do you guys find that the husbands tend to take on the beef between the wives?

Toya (M2M): You know what? I will say this. My husband and I are best friends. We fight like brother and sister, literally. We hash everything out and if we can’t talk about it then we are going to a marriage counselor. We are getting it out. Honestly, I was so hurt by the things that we’re happening throughout the season that it began to take a toll on him. [..] He is never gonna blame another person for the actions of their wife.

Did she really offer to buy up Chateau By Sheree?

..I never actually knew that was the official Chateau by Sheree.  One day, my sister was waiting for me to come out of the gym and she was driving around.  She was like ‘Toya, I found this house!” and it’s real pretty.  You should check it out.  See if it’s for sale because it has been here for a while.  I thought this is a very pretty house then I saw Sheree’s Porsche in the driveway.  Then, it hit me – this is Chateau by Sheree!  (laughs) I introduced myself.  She turned out to be a really nice person.  I was like ‘you know I will take this off your hands for you’.  She was like ‘no, I want to see this all the way through.’

Was there anything she wanted to clear up that is floating around rumor mill?

[..] There is nothing out there that can’t be proven.  What you will see about reality TV is that a lot of people will try and make a story line to promote their lies.  At the end of the day, it’s just silly because there is no truth to it.  Like in the last episode, I was so upset with my fellow castmate (Quad) for lying on national television.  […] I felt awkward about that.  I felt like, for her to come up with something based on a lie it was just terrible.  That’s why it’s difficult for me to go back and try to rebuild a relationship with certain people on the show.  (Mariah)  They don’t have your best interest at heart.  If you’ve never done anything to hurt them – and when I say hurt  I mean like purposely trying to diminish someones character.  That’s just terrible to me.

For her to make that statement ‘Oh, you and Eugene were driving drunk’ was like – what?  Where did you get that BS from?  Even if it wasn’t a true statement, it was just sad because even if you didn’t know if it was true, you just threw it out there.  I mean, you see me driving.  Obviously, I have a license.  It was just so ignorant.  I was going above and beyond to prove myself because I was just so upset.  This person would go on national television and…like, are you THAT mad that I didn’t come to your wedding?  You should be more mad at your husband for sending out text messages saying that he ain’t wanna marry you.

When asked how Toya felt about her portrayal on the Married to Medicine show since the season aired:

[..] What you see is a snippet of our lives on the show.  For example, you see Mariah’s indian dinner on the last episode.  What you don’t see is the fact that my father-in-law had died.  What you didn’t see is that we had to leave and go to a whole ‘nother state to take him off of life support. 

So, yeah I didn’t come to your (Mariah) little indian dinner because – well, yeah – I don’t like you.  But, there was a ton of more important things going on in our lives at that current time.  That’s the part that didn’t fit in the reality TV scheme of things.

Would she have done reality TV again if offered a chance to?

I think if you are going to do reality TV – you have to do it smart. What I can say is that Mariah is very savvy and strategic in the way she does things.  I didn’t know how to not be a true friend. I was very open with people and honest. […] This has always been me. If I went into another season, I would have to be a little more boisterous.  I think that’s where people like me go wrong, because we are too quiet.  We appear to stand for anything which lets the public form their own opinion on us.  I would be a lot more open and stronger in my character.

To keep up Toya Bush-Harris and her upcoming projects (including a children books line!) please visit her official website She can also be found on twitter – and yes, she actually communicates with her followers!  

Has your opinion changed on Toya since hearing her side of the shady-boot shenanigans?  Do you think Quad and Mariah used her to build the drama during this season?

Enjoy the preview of Toya giving the ladies a taste of their own side-eye on the upcoming Married To Medicine reunion show.  The first part of this reunion airs Sunday, May 26th at 9pm.  Will you be watching with us?

Until next week!

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